Lawn and Garden Soil Testing

Do you dream of a lush, green lawn? Plentiful vegetable and flower gardens?

That envy-worthy lawn or garden is easier to attain than you might think! With the proper knowledge and understanding of your soil through a soil test, you, too, can achieve the lawn or garden you have always dreamed of.

Benefits of a soil test

To grow successfully, plants require primary and secondary nutrients. While these nutrients are found naturally in the soil, they may need to be replenished as plants take up and use these nutrients to grow. With our soil test, you’ll find out exactly what level of nutrients are in your soil and which nutrients may need to be replenished with amendments or fertilizers.

Our soil kit provides you with the primary soil nutrient measurements, as well as pH, organic matter, soluble salts, cation exchange capacity, calcium, and magnesium which also influence plant growth and nutrient uptake. This comprehensive analysis ensures you have all the information needed to help your soil achieve optimal growing conditions.

Easy-to-understand report

Our report provides you with the nine key soil metrics essential to pinpointing any potential deficiencies or problems in your soil. And as one of the largest soil testing laboratories in the country, you benefit from the same professional-grade analyses provided to golf courses and agriculturists worldwide for the most accurate and reliable results.

Order your soil TEST kit!


Order soil testing kit!

Check mail

2-3 days after placing your order, you will receive your kit in the mail

Take samples

Pull soil sample from your lawn or garden according to the instructions provided

Mail sample

Mail your soil sample and completed form to our laboratory with the prepaid mailing label


Within 2-3 days, you’ll find your results delivered to your inbox!

Take action

Evaluate your results and consult with your local extension office or fertilizer supplier for the proper application of nutrients.



Insert spade or garden trowel to desired depth

  • Sample established lawns to the depth of 3 inches
  • Sample gardens to depth of tillage (usually 5 to 7 inches)

Reinsert spade or trowel to create a slice of soil

Remove spade or trowel with intact soil slice

Make a 1-inch core strip from center from entire core length

Remove grass and thatch, and add soil core to a clean bucket

Repeat process in five or six locations around the area to be sampled

Mix samples in bucket and fill the sample bag to the line
(approx. one cup)

We all have a role to play

At the core of our company, we provide professional testing services to agronomists, turf managers and farmers around the world. With the purchase of our kit, you have access to the same quality analysis and precision that our clients rely on every day to make data-driven decisions.

We’re also stewards of the environment. Soil testing is key in ensuring that our waterways, land and wildlife are here for many generations to come. The information provided with each soil test can be used to maximize the productivity of your lawn and garden while making sustainable fertilizer applications – applying only what you need. Not only are you doing your part for the environment, you could be saving money by avoiding unnecessary nutrient applications!